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SiRamik Glasscoat Apex track tested protection kit, the kit will include a 2 part ceramic coating both 50ml bottles and a 100ml top coat, Apex 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 should be applied in that order for best results, however, as 1.0 contains zirconium to increase chemical resistance there is no reason why 1.0 and 1.1 cannot be switched around, although this hasn't been tested as intended by ourselves leaving results somewhat of a trial and error for the reasons Apex was released.

Zirconium is primarily introduced for it's chemical resistance therefore reducing the affect of heat damaged surfaces allowing chemical ingress, this is why on first appearance you may think "got film" on the rear of the car, this is merely surface, where most coatings will clog, the zirconium doesn't allow ingress and therefore gloss, clarity and water behaviour will be restored, please note this has been tested on numerous tracks by ourselves and a very dedicated client for anywhere between 250 and 400 laps throughout UK and European tracks, these are our findings, although Apex has been tested on track it doesn't necessarily mean it is only suitable for track use, it isn't, it's for everyday purposes, we tested on track purely as an extreme. You may find that the water behaviour may be lacking in some cases, we have found this with different fuels but no discolouration occurred.

Apex price point will retail at £166 for the kit which includes the following

1 x Apex 1.0 (50ml)

1 x Apex 1.1 (50ml)

1 x Apex 1.2 Maintenance Spray (100ml)

1x Applicator Pad (style of applicator pad will vary)

3 x Microfibre Cloths (type of cloth will vary)

Each kit should coat between 2 and 3 vehicles with one layer of each, this equates to just £55-£82.50 per vehicle, which makes for excellent value.

*As with all coatings please make your decision primarily on your own use and trial periods.

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