50 Cal Detailing - 20:20 Glass Cleaner (500ml)

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Finally a truly exceptional glass cleaner for both interior and exterior glass. We have formulated this product in conjunction with industry professionals to offer a RTU product that not only instantly cleans but flashes quickly and leaves no smearing. We have also formulated into this product components that reduce low light dazzle from oncoming vehicles and street lights. It is effortless to use and if not locked up, will find its way into your house for domestic cleaning!  It is free from any silicone components, so no fear of wiper smear.

This product originally featured in Waxybox January 2014, thanks to your feedback we have enhanced the Red Apple fragrance and changed the colour to Aqua Marine.

In Short:

  • Advanced formula to give super quick and efficient cleaning
  • Great Red Apple smell
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Removes all major glass residues effortlessly
  • Low light anti-dazzle components

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