50 Cal Detailing - Cammo Wet Look Tyre Dressing (500ml)

50 Cal Detailing - Cammo Wet Look Tyre Dressing (500ml)

High Definition Detail

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Developed to give a multi-function option to the professional detailer. This innovative formulation utilises low molecular weight silicon fluids and a rapid flash base. A single application seals and waterproofs the tyre wall leaving a matt to satin finish depending on the rubber substrate. If you want the wet look, a second application brings out the gloss.

Due to the low molecular weight silicones and the fast flashing carrier, when applied correctly you will never have an issue with ‘sling’ or drips onto your wheel frame. It last as well! A double application can still hold its appearance for up to 2-3 weeks, albeit depending on ambient conditions. The silicones will nourish the rubber and as the carrier flashes off so quickly, it won’t degrade the rubber unlike many products currently in the marketplace. 

In short:

  • Very economical due to its fast flash
  • Kind to tyres
  • Lasts for weeks
  • Water repellent
  • Zero sling
  • Both Matt and Wet Look finishes achievable with a single product