50 Cal Detailing - Decon Fallout Remover (500ml)

50 Cal Detailing - Decon Fallout Remover (500ml)

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This is our most recent technology upgrade and improvement, of an already great product. We have taken the chemistry to the edge with this product combining the latest surfactant technology with our existing fallout removal chemistry, but giving a stable, neutral product that will challenge, compete and leave the competition in its wake. What has evolved is a product with exceptional wetting ability which gets to work instantly upon application. There is no waiting around, staring for little weeps of purple. Our newest product acts instantly by destroying immediately all iron contaminants on the surface, in the surface and even below the surface of the top-coat. 

Simply apply, wait for the reaction then rinse. The product is completely safe on paint work as well as alloy wheels. We offer this product in a ready to use format for ease of use and application. This product is not for amateur use! It is specific to a dedicated detailers arsenal and needs to be applied with knowledge; use on cold surfaces, not in direct sunlight, with a short dwell time 1-2 minutes, drench rinsing and make sure you do not leave to dry.   

In Short:

  •  Instant results
  • Self-wetting technology
  • pH neutral
  • Ready to use
  • Great Cherry scent
  • Paint work safe