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This is our premier all round topical wax. We have formulated this wax with 5 key ingredients that both aid protection, give a brilliant shine and promote beading like you never have seen. The core of the wax is built around the classic detailing wax carnauba. To this we have strengthened its backbone with the addition of one of the hardest waxes, Monton. This both improves the resistance to degradation and aids the 'keying' of the Carnauba to the paint surface. We then went further. To aid the beading and UV protection we introduced some nano technology in the form of an amid-modified polysiloxane and also a methyl ester. Finally to bring these four components together, the addition of just the correct amount of WOM both cures the wax quickly but also aid with its effortless removal, while nourishing the paintwork. The addition of carrying oils completed the masterpiece that is PentaWAX.

Having developed such perfection, we felt it only right to have this carefully handmade and poured by ourselves. As with all of our products, it has been developed in house, manufactured on site and distributed directly by 50cal. As a final touch we not only added an excellent choice of fragrances, but also gave it distinction by offering a range of colours. This sample is the Pink Cherry.

As this product has been developed to give outstanding all round performance we have push the boundaries as to what is achievable in a solid wax. With this in mind our product needs to be treated with utmost care. So we strongly recommend that it is constantly stored at a cool temperature, preferably below 15 oC. Ideally, if you are allowed, the fridge is a perfect resting place between applications. Should you inadvertently let it get a little warm, remove to a cool place and leave it to rest; within minutes it will be back to its best.

In short:
  • Outstanding longevity, especially when you wash your treated paintwork with our Combat Neutral Snow Foam
  • Hand crafted and poured at source
  • Exceptional durability and depth of shine
  • Fantastic Cherry Smell
  • Latest wax technology
  • Exceptional beading
  • Purest wax ingredients used, sourced from British manufacturers

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