HDD Microfibre Cloth
HDD Microfibre Cloth
HDD Microfibre Cloth

HDD Microfibre Cloth

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Product Description

Our All-Purpose Microfiber Towels are designed for those who want an excellent product at an excellent price. Unlike the towels found in most stores, our microfiber towels are woven from high quality fibers. These towels do not change shape or lose their absorbency and cleaning power after being washed. They are ideal for all aspects in valeting & detailing from general cleaning to polishing. Ideal for interior and exterior cleaning, glass cleaning, waxing, trim cleaning and wheel polishing.

-Car cleaning from interior cleaning to waxing, polishing and quick detailing

More Specifications:
-Size: 16" x 16"

Care Instructions:
-Wash in warm water and dry with low heat.
-Dry without fabric softener (The fabric softener becomes stuck between the fibers of the towel and decreases the effectiveness of the towel.)
-Wash and dry seperate of other cotton products (Cotton products leave lint when they dry and the microfiber towels will grab this lint.)

*Colour may varie yellow, black or orange*