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Boss Of Gloss Pack

Ideal gift set containing or top products to give you car the "BOSS" of shine.

Kit contains:

1 x 250 ml Lomond Liquid Wax

A perfect alternative to a hard wax if you are looking to save time and effort.

A blend of nano techologies married with the finest carnauba and montan waxes!

1 x 250 ml N1 Finisher

A specific blend of specialist glossing agents to provide the ultimate show car shine! Ideal for use after a quick detailer or wax to make your car stand out from the crowd! 

1 x 250 ml N1 Cote

Our silicone and polymer sealant provides a tough protective coating on the surface of any vehicle.

 1 x Polishing Sponge

1 x Grey Glass Microfibre Pinpoint Cloth

2 x Standard microfibre cloths

LIMITED EDITION AutoPerfekt Boss Of Gloss Case

Comprising of 250ml N1 Cote, 250ml Lomond Liquid Wax, 250ml N1 Finisher, 2 cloths and a foam applicator all housed in a branded and handled case.

AutoPerfekt N1 Cote 250ml

Autoperfekt's paint sealer uses advanced nano technologies giving a durable protective layer on the surface of your vehicle. Giving up to 12 months protection.

Directions for use:
1.Spray onto the paintwork. Ensure that all areas are covered evenly.
2. Spread with a sponge applicator or microfibre applicator
3. Buff off straight away with a dry microfibre cloth
4. Allow to dry for 30 mins. before applying the Lomond Liquid Wax on top.

AutoPerfekt Lomond Liquid Wax 250ml

We give you Lomond... achieving a depth of colour to rival Loch Lomond itself.
This is a liquid wax capable of converting even the most hardcore hard wax enthusiasts.
A fantastic addition to any detailers arsenal due to its incredible performance and truly unbelieveable ease of use.

Directions for use:
1.    Apply 1-2 pea sized drops onto the foam applicator. 
2.    Apply to one panel and leave approximately 5 minutes to cure.
3.    Buff to a streak free finish then continue onto the next panel until the whole vehicle is protected.
4.    Allow 30 mins before applying the N1 Finisher on top.

AutoPerfekt N1 Finisher 250ml

Best used as the last step in your cleaning regime, this incredible product can be used on top of any of our detailing sprays, sealants, polishes, glaze or waxes to give unrivalled gloss for your paint and chrome
A specific blend of nano glossing agents to provide the ultimate show car shine!

Directions for use:
1.    Spray a light mist directly onto the surface.
2.    Wipe the surface with a plush or pinpoint microfibre.
3.    Buff to a streak free finish.

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