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Bouncer's 'Sicure'  is an advanced x-linked polysiloxane hybrid wheel sealant. 

A  high active % blend, it provides durable protection against all contaminants to an alloy wheel enabling a much easier forward cleaning process that does not require harsher 'wheel cleaning' products. To ensure best protection, please ensure the wheel is fully decontaminate free, clean and dry.  Simply apply 'Sicure' using a small applicator over the wheel.  Allow a few minutes, then using a short fibre Microfibre. i.e 350gsm cloth. Fully buff product to a clear, gloss protective finish. 

The product is ready to use and does not require elongated or heat assistance curing times. 'Sicure’s' chemical structure works by creating a microscopic mesh knit bond of durable x-linked polysiloxane, the combination of hybrid siloxanes in the blend enable a chemical resistant, contamination resistant layer of protection.        

Sicure will offer 3-4 months of durable protection per application. This product can be layered on a monthly basis during more inclement weather to maintain strongest protection.

Product usage is around 5-7ml per average 18” Alloy wheel.  Product is supplied in 250ml bottle with a fliptop application lid.

We recommend wheels protected by 'Sicure' be future cleaned by using a pure balanced shampoo, i.e Bouncer's Slick Mick.

Do not allow product to dwell.

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