Detailing Kingdom - Celebrate (Polishing Pad Primer)

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Detailing Kingdom Celebrate - 500ml

Auto clear coat comes in different textures, thickness and content.  DK discovered that many detailers experience challenges when dealing with soft clear coats or sticky paints as some named it.  Some users will respond to this situation by spraying water onto the surface or the pad however by doing so the efficiency of the compound is reduced.  Celebrate is different and will not comprimise the performance of the intended compound used.  Celebrate is not only a temperature reducer but will also act as a lubricant to make polishing easier.  Celebrate will also prolong the life of polishing pads.

After applying compound to the polishing pads, spray Celebrate at random onto the pad.  Spraying 3 to 4 times would suffice. Prime the surface before polishing to avoid the compound from splattering.  Begin polishing the surface with low speed.  You can continue to spray at random while polishing should surface becomes dry.

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