High Definition Detail - Hydrology (Screen Wash)

High Definition Detail - Hydrology (Screen Wash)

High Definition Detail

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Hydrology (Screen Wash)
- Concentrated Formula
- Increases Life Span of Hydrology (Durable Glass Sealant)
Hydrology Screen Wash has been specifically formulated to compliment our Hydrology (Durable Glass Sealant).
It has been designed to help reduce friction between the wiper blade and the glass, the reduced frictions help to extend the life span and overall durability of Hydrology itself.
Hydrology (Screen Wash) is unlike conventional screen washes that can effect some glass sealants, Screen Wash features zero solvents, zero alcohol & no unnecessary surfactants.
Directions Of Use:
Mix to desired ratio & simply top up screen wash reservoir on your vehicle to your desired amount.
Dilution Ratio's:
1:6 for upto -5oc
1:3 for upto -15oc#
Size: 500ml.

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