Korean Microfibre - Red Silk (Ultra Plush 600GSM) Microfibre Cloth

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Korean Microfibre – Red Silk (Ultra Plush Silk Edge Microfibre Cloth) 600GSM
As part of the Korean Microfibre range we bring you Red Silk a silk edge microfibre cloth made from the finest materials from Korea, whiles Red Silk is a super ultra plush microfibre cloth it also remains heavy weight of 600gsm making it ideal for removal of quick detailing sprays, waxes and sealants, the beauty of Red Silk is its quality silk edge that results in zero scratches on all paint types and even on delicate paint finishes.
Red Silk truly as to be used to appreciate its superb quality and super plush fibres these are a dual plush fibres resulting in a longer / high pile that will pull dirt away from any surface without inflicting scratches or marring.
Size: 16 x 16
How to wash:
We recommend a wash around 40 degrees with non-bio washing detergent or a microfibre wash solution that we stock here at High Definition Detail.

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