High Definition Detail Refulgence (Polymeric Ceramic Spray Sealant)

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Polymeric Ceramic Spray Paint Sealant

  • Durable
  • Ultra Slick
  • Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic

Refulgence is a water based polymeric (in-organic & organic) ceramic spray sealant providing some excellent protection for all painted surfaces with a ultra slick feel and very hydrophobic & hydrophilic water behaviour.

Durability in real world test with correct preparation as seen 10 months on various vehicles with the 3) Pad Application Method on freshly decontaminated prepped paintwork.

Refulgence is best to be applied to decontaminate free paint work for best results.

Refulgence as built-in UV inhibitors to protect all painted finishes to leave a layer of protection on all the surfaces it covers, aswell as having a strong adhesion bonding point aswell as being chemical resistant.

Unique water repellency with Refulgence producing both hydrophobic water behaviour aswell as hydrophilic (with the contact angle of rinsing).

With Refulgence very little is more, do not over apply.


With Refulgence there is 3 different application methods depending on which method you prefer.

1) Whiles the vehicle is still wet

After the washing stage, simply spray on to the panel or cloth wipe in with a microfibre cloth to ensure even coverage and rinse off for instant protection.

2) Spray & Wipe - this is the most popular method of application, on clean dry paintwork spray a few very fine mists (a little is more) of product on to the panel or cloth wipe in and buff straight of with another clean microfibre cloth, if product removal appears grabby simply buff over with damp microfiber then follow up with a clean dry microfiber for final buff.

3) Applicator Pad - this method is best for maximum durability, this method works best on clean dry freshly decontaminated & polished paintwork, ensure to do a panel wipe before application to allow Refulgence to bond for best results. Apply a thin layer and proceed to do a panel at a time, if product removal appears grabby simply buff over with damp microfiber then follow up with a clean dry microfiber for final buff.

Refulgence video application & review:

Customer Reviews

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Nigel Watford
Even makes white glossy

Bought this from hdd did the full decontamination as recommended very easy to apply and buff off 4 months since applied my white car is so easy to clean now due to the refulgence coating and it gleems the gloss got better after about 2 weeks as Shane said it would best product I've ever used.

Paul Dolden Details
Sealant with bang for your buck

First I’d like to congratulate High definition detail on a fantastic product I have to say this is a breeze to use as long as you do the prep work first ie decontamination of the paint or clear coat and a machine or hand polish at least then you will see some stunning results with a very high longevity and chemical resistance and hardly any used from each application this to be BANG for your BUCK sealant.

Video review here.

Something this good shouldn't be so easy!

Going to start this review buy saying just buy it and try it for your self.
Incredibly easy to use and the results you get feel like cheating! We have seen 10+ months protection on our clients cars!
As we as the protection properties the gloss Refulgence adds is not something you should find for a product this easy to apply and at this price.
Just buy it!

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