Karcher "K - Series" Extension Reinforced Replacement - Yellow 'C' Clip TRIGGER, Non-Kink Longlife Hose

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Karcher "K - Series" Extension Reinforced Replacement - Yellow 'C' Clip Non-Kink Longlife Hose

Karcher "K - Series" Professional Pressure Washer extension reinforced non-kink long life hose in various lengths.

Rated to 250 bar pressure, made from wire reinforced non-kink super flexible and extremely strong rubber.

These hoses are quality hand made in house (UK made) and built to last.

Karcher "K - Series" Model Range, Extension Reinforced Non-Kink Longlife Hose
Extension reinforced hose for the "K" Series range pressure washers.

Karcher style replacement hose for 'K' series domestic pressure washers with the new style Quick connect trigger gun with Yellow button , or Yellow C clip trigger and Standard screw connection to machine, please see additional pictures.

*Please note this will only fit the model and fitting as described above, please read description and see pictures*

To attach hose to trigger gun simply push yellow button on trigger gun,or pull out the Yellow C clip , pull out the hose . Your new hose will simply push straight back into the trigger clicking into position, make sure hose is fully secure before machine is turned on. 

Installation is simple, unscrew your old original hose from your Karcher Pressure Washer and screw on your new extension hose, our extension hoses make cleaning your vehicle easier allowing you to leave your machine in one place whiles cleaning your vehicle and not moving the pressure washer back and forth due to the extra length on our extension hoses.

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