Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack
Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack
Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack
Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack
Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack

Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack

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Korea Microfibre Bundle Pack
This Bundle Pack features some off the finest Korean Microfibre's and best selling products including -
  •  Korean Microfibre - Drying Towel 1100gsm (Dark Grey w/ Blue Border)
A premium high quality 1100 GSM 70x50cm drying towel, made in Korean.

Ultra plush fibres resulting in only the finest material of blend. Phenomenally soft and plush to massively reduce micro marring. You will not be disappointed when we say these are quality drying towels for a quality price.

A very high water absorbency and at the same time very gentle to your paintwork massively reducing marring during the drying stage Size: 70cm x 50cm.
  •  Korean Microfibre - Mini Twister Alloy Wheel Microfibre Drying Towel 16"x16"
ur Mini Twist Drying Towels are absolutely perfect for drying your alloy wheels, these mini towels measuring in at 16" x 16" make drying your alloys a breeze.

Korean quality to ensure only the best is touching your wheels, with a stunning non scratch border edge.

You will be amazed at how well the Mini Twister will safely and quickly drying your alloy wheels making you wonder how you have manged without one for so long!!! Size: 16" x 16".

600 Grams Per Square Meter (GSM) Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide

  • Korean Microfibre - Plush Yellow (400GSM Microfibre Cloth)

As part of the Korean Microfibre range we bring you Plush Yellow a premium microfibre cloth at a realistic price, a high quality cloth at an affordable price the Plush Yellows are ideal for all detailing duties such as removal of quick detailing sprays, waxes and sealants aswell as interior detailing duties.

With a borderless edge this makes Plush Yellows not also look great but perform great and with its superb quality and weight of 400GSM. Size: 16 in x 16 in

  •  Korean Microfibre – Zero Streak (Glass Cloth Waffle Weave Microfibre)
As part of the  Korean Microfibre range we bring you Zero Streak a dedicated microfibre glass cloth with quality assured Zero Streak armed with your favorite glass cleaner will guarantee zero streaks hence the name :)

Zero Streak waffle weave glass cloth will produce great results on glass leaving them crystal clear and a streak free finish. 70% polyester & 30% polyamide.

Size: 35cm x 35cm.
How to wash:
We recommend a wash around 40 degrees with non-bio washing detergent or a microfibre wash solution that we stock here at High Definition Detail.