Krystal Kleen Detail IRON RAIN v3 (Fallout Remover)

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The NEW & IMPROVED IRON RAIN v3 Fallout Remover.

This is a highly advanced premium fallout remover that removes sintered iron particles and ferrous contamination from exterior vehicle surfaces

IRON RAIN v3 is a completely new formula that has a more pleasant berry fragrance added. 

And apart from the colour indicator that turns the product purple when activated with iron contamination we have a new added colour indicator. Over a period of time most chemicals will need to be shaken before use to make sure the active ingredients are mixed. With IRON RAIN v3 this becomes evident when the product will change to a shade of orange over a few days. This indicates it needs to be shaken before use. One quick shake and IRON RAIN v3 will turn green again indicating it is ready for use.

IRON RAIN v3 has also been made slightly thicker whilst still being sprayable. This makes it easier to use and remain active for longer. 

IRON RAIN v3 is probably the most advanced Fallout Removal product of its type on the market.

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