Krystal Kleen Detail Isopropanol Alcohol, IPA, Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% - 1Litre

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ISOPROPYL  ALCOHOL 99.9% Pure - 1 Litre

Effectively kills bacteria, germs and viruses

This 99.9% isopropyl alcohol this product is a super pure alcohol with higher purity used for disinfection in laboratories and in the production of super sensitive electronics. 
Chemically neutral to materials commonly used in electronic industry, leaves no traces. 

This product is 99.9% pure so should not be relied on as a disinfectant because water is required to open up the membrane pores of bacteria, acting as a gateway inside for the alcohol. A 70% solution of Isopropanol usually called Rubbing Alcohol is recommended for disinfecting areas but healthcare facilities usually use proprietary products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. 
Use as a hand sanitiser is discouraged as it can be painful and causes chapping.

* Unfortunately the current COVID-19 situation is dictating market prices and we have found anywhere between a 400% and 1000% price increase. The stock we are holding was purchased at these prices and we do not foresee any fresh supplies being available once it has gone *

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