Scholl Concepts - S0 Matting Compound 1kg

Scholl Concepts - S0 Matting Compound 1kg

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Scholl Concepts S0 Matting Compound is a silicone free matting compound ideal for both new and used paints. A cost-effective alternative to soft sanding discs, S0 provides perfect and homogeneous preparation of surfaces for repair painting. An extreme cutting compound, it is also described as 'liquid sanding paper'.


Other advantages include:
Easy elimination of deep scratches on used paints
Can be easily polished to a perfect high-gloss finish
Smooths rough surfaces in seconds
Suitable for both machine and manual use (use a felt pad on a hand backing disc)
Can easily be wiped off with a microfibre cloth
Efficient product with a fair price/performance ratio 

Cut: Extreme (6/6)  Gloss: -----  Sanding Paper: P1000

Size: 1kg

S0 Matting Compound can be applied by hand with a soft polishing cloth or Scholl Concepts firm felt polishing pad in combination with the hand polishing adapter. For large area applications, Scholl Concepts recommends the use a conventional double-action sander (3 to 5mm orbital stroke) and the felt pad. Spautopia's CoolPads also give a highly effective result. The polishing residue can be easily wiped off using a soft microfibre cloth and a sprayable solvent-based degreaser.