SiRamik SC Flex - 15ml Limited Run

SiRamik SC Flex - 15ml Limited Run

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SiRamik SC Flex (Semi-Elastic) Ceramic Coating - 15ml.

Now is the perfect time to try SC Flex in this limited run 15ml size, 15ml will be enough to coat a few panels or a set of wheels as SC Flex goes a long way.

*Please use within 2-3 weeks of purchase*

SiRamik SC Flex contains 45% silicon and would normally crystallise like other ceramic / glass coatings on the market, but it also contains other resins that counteract the immediate crystallisation and as such the coating, although ceramic remains flexible, although it has been tested against stone chips and road rash, with good results it's not meant to be a substitute for any PPF though.

SC Flex doesn’t crystallise like other ceramic coatings that’s the beauty of FLEX it sets in the form of semi-elastic meaning it will set a very hard like rubbery.

SC FLEX is also fantastic on trims.

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