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Our Famous "Purple Micky hand" is back in stock by popular demand.

 You can wash wheels as if you were washing with your own hands. The highly flexible microfiber allows you to move your hands and fingers freely and to wash the wheel completely throughout. The mesh layer inside does not stick to your hands and allows you to work comfortably. Furthermore the thick cushioning protects your hands even if they make contact with the outshoots around the brake area, and also helps you wash with increased speed.

Absoluatly perfect to our with our BrakeThrough (Wheel Shampoo).

*Please note that this product is not an enclosed gloves, please wear a gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals.


1. Please wet the gloves first to soften it for a better user experience.

2. Make sure to wash off all dirt after finish. if needed please treat it as a microfibre and wash it with 40 degree and non bio detergent.

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