Vertool Forced Drive Machine Polisher

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Vertool Forced Rotation Dual Action Machine Polisher
Supplied with both 6" (150mm) and 5" (125mm) Backing Plates


  • ✓ A TRULY COMPLETE SET - Comes with 1x 1200W Vertol Forced Rotation Polisher, 4m Cable with CE Certified UK Plug, 6"/150mm and 5"/125mm Backing Plates, D Handle, Spare set of Carbon Brushes, Spanner and Canvas Carry Case
  • ✓ FORCE DRIVEN - This machine features a direct drive mechanism which forces the pad to both rotate and oscillate with no allowance for slippage.   The locking trigger means you don't need to hold the trigger down when polishing.
  • ✓ TRIED AND TESTED  - Simply put, we have had these machines rigorously tested to make sure they meet the standards you expect when purchasing a high end machine polisher
  • ✓ THE BEST OF DUAL ACTION AND ROTARY - Similar to a standard dual action polisher like the DAS 6 Pro, this machine rotates and oscilates meaning it generates less hear than it's rotary counterpart.  Couple that with a drect drive mechanism that is present in Rotary machines and you have a dazzling combination which is both safe to use but has more than enough power to remove any swirls and scratches that come in it's path
  • ✓ 12 MONTH WARRANTY - A no questions asked 12 month Warranty against manufacturer faults. In the unlikely event your machine develops a fault you can return it to us to either be repaired or replaced. Can't say fairer than that

What is a Force Driven Machine and how does it differ from a standard Dual Action Polisher?

This is a very common question.  A standard dual action polisher features a free rotating spindle - hold the machine and you will find it easy to just spin the pad.  This can be beneficial for beginners as if you apply too much pressure you will stop the pad spinning, thus preventing you from burning through your clear coat.  On the flip side, some users may feel the it bogs down over curved panels (much less common with the newer DAS 6 Pro machines.

A Forced Dual action machine like this one features a direct drive mechanism instead of a free rotating spindle.  Again try holding the machine and spinning the pad and you will find you can't do it.  What this means is the machine has more 'bite' and is able to correct faster than a standard Dual Action polisher.  On the flip side, some users may find it a bit strange to use compared to a standard Dual Action polisher however don't let this put you off, with a bit of practice, you can easily master a Forced Rotation DA polisher and get amazing results. 

   - Power Consumption: 1200 watts 
   - Operating Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 
   - Free speed: 3200-9600 opm / 160-480 rpm
   - Weight: 2.6kg 
   - Cable length: 4m / 13ft
   - Polierhub (throw): 8 mm  
   - Backing Plate diameter: 150mm and 125mm 
   - Certified by: CE 

   - 1x Forced Rotation Dual Action Polisher 
   - D handle 
   - Backing Plate: 150mm and 125mm
   - Spanner 
   - Spare set of Carbon Brushes 
   - Canvas Carry Case

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