Wax Planet - Expression Quick Detail Spray

Wax Planet - Expression Quick Detail Spray

Wax Planet

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Expression is a hybrid quick detail spray for maximum gloss and protection.

Expression is very easy to use, simply spray a light mist over the panel and wipe with a plush microfibre towel, it's as easy as that.

Hybrid polymer technology give this product a durable hydrophobic coating to your paintwork. 

Simply spray over the surface to be cleaned one panel at a time allow a few seconds of contact time for the liquid to penetrate surface soiling then wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth, buff for a streak free finish and high gloss shine.

The paintwork becomes as smooth as glass and will repel any water or dirt it comes into contact with you'll also benefit from not having to dry your car before application, simply spray on and buff off for a premium wax look shine.

Shake well before use.

Size: 500ml.