Wax Planet - Shell Shock Nano Sealant Concentrated

Wax Planet - Shell Shock Nano Sealant Concentrated

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Wax Planet Shell Shock (Concentrate) Hydrophobic Wet Coat, Instant Paint Protection, Nano Sealant - 500ml

Shell Shock Nano Sealant is a nano based spray sealant which can be applied to all exterior surfaces including glass and plastics on both wet and dry vehicles.

Concentrated Product, Dilute 1:4 Before Use.

Directions For Use:

Shell Shock will provide up to 4 months protection and can be applied on top of already protected surfaces providing additional protection.

This product can be applied to both wet and dry vehicles.

ON DRY VEHICLES spray directly onto the surface to be protected and buff and required.

ON WET VEHICLES spray onto the surface and immediately pressure wash off and dry the vehicle as required.

Please follow the directions for use carefully, available in both RTU and concentrate formulations.

Do not apply to dry hot surfaces in direct sunlight, not suitable for wrapped vehicles or matt paint finishes.

Size: 500ml