HOW TO: The importance of cleaning Polishing Pads (Cleaning Pads on the go)

The importance of pad cleaning whiles machining with the help from the Rupes Claw Pad Tool, clean pads = better results...........

Foam polishing pads will absorb product whiles using them and this results in using several pads to polish a full car (another HOW TO coming on that soon) as foam pads get full of spent product (compound/polish) this reduces the cutting ability of foam pads as they become full of product reducing the results and their ability, clean dry foam pads will cut better hence why needing several pads to polish a car is a must!

There is many ways to clean foam pads, one of the easiest and quickest ways is to use a pad brush something like the Rupes Claw Pad Tool or Foam Pad Cleaning Conditioning Brush these are an inexpensive product to buy and once you have one you'll be glad you did.

(Rupes Yellow Polishing Pad, full of excess product after a few section passes)

Rupes yellow foam polishing pad full of product

After investing in a pad cleaning brush you can then clean your pads on the go, making it easy and very effective at removing excess product and polishing dust.


Rupes Claw Pad Tool

The Rupes Claw Pad Tool comes in its own handy storage box keeping it clean and away from contaminates for easy storage.

Rupes Yellow Foam Pad full of excess product......

Rupes Yellow Foam Pad full of excess product after a few section passes on the Makita PO6000C.

As good as new, after a quick cleaning of the Rupes Yellow Polishing Pad such a simple pad cleaning tool making such a big difference during your machine polishing process.

A multi-function tool designed to promote efficiency.

The brush head and the wedge. The brush head can be used to clean foam, microfiber or short pile wool pads while still on the machine. Its semi-rigid nylon bristles are designed to dislodge dried compound residues from the pads without causing damage.

This ensures that operators can maintain optimal efficiency in their buffing process. The other end, features an innovative wedge, used to create separation between the hook and loop attachment point for pad removal, thus eliminating the occurrence of accidental tears and damage to pads - when pulling them from the backing plate.

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