Additional Add / Bolt-ons:

 Prices below are for our Additional Add / Bolt-ons, here you will find our most popular bolt-ons that can be added to most of our detailing packages.
Ceramic Coating (descriptions and information)

  • SiRamik – SC15 Glasscoating
SiRamik SC15 Glasscoating
SiRamik SC15 Glasscoating is one of the most talked about ceramic coatings within the UK and amongst our customer base, and is our most popular Additional Bolt on to most clients packages this is an intro to just what kind of ceramic coatings we can offer to our clients SC15 Glasscoating contains an high level of 70% of active glass content with a 100 percent contact angel SC15 is an extremely versatile glasscoating as it can be applied to paint, wheels, plastics & glass (with the exception of windscreens) with phenomenal hydrophobic water behavior with excellent self cleaning abilities and easy maintenance.

Price starting from £149 per application.
  • SiRamik - SC Flex (Semi-Elastic Ceramic Coating)
SiRamik SC Flex contains 45% silicon and would normally crystallise like other ceramic / glass coatings on the market, but it also contains other resins that counteract the immediate crystallisation and as such the coating, although ceramic remains flexible, although it has been tested against stone chips and road rash, with good results it's not meant to be a substitute for any PPF though.
SC Flex doesn’t crystallise like other ceramic coatings that’s the beauty of FLEX it sets in the form of semi-elastic meaning it will set a very hard like a rubbery subsensce.

Price starting from £149 per application.
  • SiRamik SC 6225 Ceramic Wax
SiRamik – SC 6225 is ideal for them cilents that don’t want to go for a ceramic coating but want to fill the gap in between and SC 6225 Wax does just that
    SC 6225 contains 62% of T1 carnauba wax & 25% glass coating content from SiRamik SC15 Glasscoating hence the name SC 6225.
      SC 6225 is a grainy yet very oily wax that a gives some absolutely stunning very & deep rich gloss
        Expected durability is likely to be 3-6 months depending on maintenance.
        Price starting from £50 per application.

        * Accredited Installation Only Ceramic Coatings *
        • SiRamik – APT (Advanced Protection Technology) System
        SC HR (Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating)
        SiRamik SC - HR (Heat Resistant)
        This is the base layer, containing the highest silica of the 2 part coating system this has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers, as the base layer for the paint work this is the toughest and strongest we can offer and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years, it is also currently undergoing tests for a hard glass coating for satin or matt finish paintwork.

        *SC - HR is exclusively available installed only by a SiRamik Accredited unit based Detailer such as High Definition Detail*

        SC Ultima
        SC – Ultima is the upper High Gloss Water Repellent Glass Coating that will provide the extreme gloss and crisp clear looks that will create an unbelievable hydrophobic layer, adding further protection and superior cleaning abilities. Ultima is also as with SC – HR suitable for all plastics where durability is again excellent, as with coatings of the kind o technology they would require infra red drying times but Ultima is a 60 minute fast cure with no IR needed, however overnight cure indoors is imperative to the coatings initial protection as complete cure is 60 hours.
        SiRamik SC - Ultima

        *SC - Ultima is exclusively available installed only by a SiRamik Accredited unit based Detailer such as High Definition Detail*

        Price starting from £299 per application.
        • SiRamik – Diamas Professionali
        SiRamik Diamas Professonali
        Diamas Professionali is one of the ultimate glasscoatings on the market the new liquid protection technology for vehicle paintwork, glass, wheels & plastics. Diamas Professionali never has this been done before & SiRamik Glasscoat® & High Definition Detail are proud to bring you the first paintwork protection brand in the world to introduce a true diamond coating for vehicle paintwork. Over 12 months of research, testing and development have now come to fruition and we can now offer and unleash this ground breaking glasscoating to our clients packages and application to there vehicles.
        Diamas Professionali contains Aggregated Diamond Nanorod’s sometimes referred to as ADNR’s, with the Diamas Professionali as taken liquid protection to the highest level possible where crystal clear paintwork is the result of optically clear coating that will not mute any candy’s, flips, flake or pearl but in fact making them truly stand out with awe inspiring gloss, meaning the paint you choose is the paint you see.

        With diamond well known as the hardest material know to man and the most precious Diamas Professionali utilizes ADNR’s in sizes no greater than 3-4n meaning on a nano scale these are used as an anchor for the coating which in turn strengthens the layer applied giving a more stable protective barrier, as a whole ADNR’s have a combined strength of which has been measured at stronger than diamond itself.

        Why is Diamas Professionali different to other coatings?
        Diamas Professionali differs to other coatings because of not only the chemical make up and blend, but its “Water Contact Angel” and “Receding Contact Angel”, with a water contact angel of upto 112o water moves rapidly over the surface giving superior self cleaning, somewhat similar to a lotus leaf, contrary to beliefs a lotus leaf is not as smooth as you may think, it had a rough surface, Diamas Professionali is of the same vein, look at it under a microscope and you will see the same style of rough surface where air pockets again are utilized to create the water contact angel.

        In short you could say that Diamas Professionali is using very clever technology and becoming a mimic by using rough surface geometry to give an appearance of being ultra slick when in fact it’s a natural occurrence.
        With current applications gracing Ferrari’s, Rolls Royce’s, Porsche’s & Pagani’s amongst others, Diamas Professionali is fast becoming a firm favourite for TV personalities as well as gathering interest from some of the worlds leading names in professional football, without a doubt Diamas Professionali has already made an immediate impact.

        *Diamas Professionali is exclusively available installed only by a SiRamik Accredited unit based Detailer such as High Definition Detail*

        Price starting from £199 per application

        Other Additional Add/Bolt ons -
        • Hydrology (Durable Glass Sealant)
        Our infamous Hydrology additional bolt on package, this is a cleanse, preparation and protection package to ensure a correct chemical bond of Hydrology applied to all exterior glass.
          Clay - a mechanical claying stage to remove any above surface contaminates that maybe present.
            Cleanse - all exterior glass thoroughly machine polished to remove any film, water spots and abrading any products previously applied.
              Panel Wipe - panel wipe down on all exterior glass to finally remove any polishing oils present prior to the application process.
                Glass Sealant - Hydrology Durable Glass Sealant applied to all exterior glass surfaces allowing to bond for an appropriate time.
                Prices starting from £49
                • Evolve (Wheel Ceramic Coating Package)
                Wheels Ceramic Coating Package, included wheels safely removed from the vehicle on our Peak Scissor Lift, offering the ultimate protection for your wheels with extremely easy maintenance.
                Wheels - wheels safely removed on our Peak Scissor Lift
                  Cleansed - upon removal wheels will receive a deep cleaned upon our wheel stand.
                    Decontamination - 2 stage chemical decontamination stage (tar remover & iron fallout remover) followed by claying stage
                      Polished - Hand polished or machine polished *depending on condition of wheels* to fully deep cleanse the wheels and improve the gloss levels, followed by a panel wipe down.
                        Ceramic Coating - ceramic coating of your choice applied, i.e. SiRamik SC15, SiRamik HR or KKD R-Evolve or R-Evolve Matte.

                        Price starting from £195
                        • Wheel Refurbishment 
                        We offer many Additional services and one of them is a professional powder coating refurbishment of your wheels, this is a very popular Additional Bolt On for many of our clients with wheels requiring refurbishment, wheels safely removed on our ramp and correctly refitted and wheel bolts torqued to manufactures spec. With many different colours available. Wheels can be ceramic coated for an additional fee.

                        Price starting from £50 per wheel.
                        • Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

                        Professional PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) service by one of the most professional and respectable within the South Yorkshire region. PDR is another popular Bolt On our clients add on to there package whiles their car is booked in with us having any of our packages.

                        Price starting from £50
                        • Convertible Roof Detail

                        Convertible Roof Detail is a deep cleanse and protection package.

                        Ideal if your looking to restore life back in to your convertiable roof and protecting it from the elements.

                        Deep cleanse of the convertible fabric roof agitated with a dedicated brush to perform a deep safe clean followed by a thorough rinse and the roof drying naturally.

                        Fabsil Gold is applied allowing time for each individual coat/layer to dry naturally.


                        Price starting from £80


                        • Leather Cleaning Deep Cleanse
                        Leather Cleaning Package is a thorough deep cleanse of all leather areas within the vehicle, leather is protected with a durable leather protectant after.
                        Deep Cleanse - leather recives a thorough deep clean using steam and pH neutral specific leather cleaner.
                          Protectant - after allowing the leather to dry after the cleaning stage, a durable leather protectant is applied to all leather surfaces.

                          Price starting from £40
                          • Engine Bay Detail + Treatment Package
                          Engine Bay Package includes a deep clean off all the engine bay with heavy duty degreases, all exposed electric's such as battery’s, alternators, electrics, wires & any other exposed areas will be taped up and cover up to our best ability’s prior to steam cleaning process.
                          Steam Cleaning – steam cleaning with a gentle flow of steam to agitate any dirt and grime from the engine bay to rinse away any heavy soiled areas ensuring a safe process.
                            Deep Cleaning & Degreasing – deep cleaning with Grime Zero heavy duty degreaser and several brushes to agitate all soiled areas.
                              Final Rinse – final steam clean rinse to loosen and remove any dirt, grime and oil from the engine bay to final rinse all agitated debris.
                                Protection – durable protectant sprayed on all engine bay plastic surfaces to protect against the elements preventing drying, cracking and oil build up leaving a inspiring matte appearance.

                                ***Please note High Definition Detail will NOT accept any responsibility for anything after this package as taken place, this package is taken on at the owners consent***

                                Price starting from £70

                                * Prices shown are a starting FROM price this price can alter depending on vehicle size and condition and include VAT at the current rate, a non-refundable booking fee is required to be paid upon booking *