Winter Protection Detail

Our Winter Protection Detail package is available throughout the months of October to March. To protect your vehicle from all the elements throughout the harsh cold winters months.

  • Wheels - wheel faces and barrels cleaned, tyres degreased and thoroughly cleaned and wheel arches cleaned and flushed.

  • Pre Wash - pre-washing stage to safely and effectively remove traffic film and road grime present prior to the contact washing.

  • 2 Bucket Wash Method - 2 bucket method wash with pH Neutral shampoo to thoroughly ensure a safe contact wash, with Grit Guards & Washboard inserted using ultra soft dense pile Wash Pads for upper & lower parts of the vehicle to ensure a safe contact wash.

  • Microfibre Towel & Air Blo Dried - safely dried with deep pile plush Korea microfibre drying towels, with all gaps and water trapped areas air blown with Metro Masterblaster grills, side mirrors, fuel cap & water holding areas blow dried to remove water.

  • Wheel Protection - durable and effective spray on rinse off Si02 sealant applied to wheel faces and barrels reducing built-up of brake dust.

  • Tyres Conditioned - tyre walls deep cleaned and protected and treated with tyre conditioner protecting the rubber.

  • Winter Protection Applied - durable paint sealant or wax applied to all painted surfaces to ensure your paintwork is protected during the harsh winter months.

Prices starting from:
  • (Fiat 500 smaller size vehicle) £149
  • (Audi A5 medium size vehicle) £199
  • (Range Rover larger size vehicle) £249

* Prices shown are a starting FROM price this price can alter depending on vehicle size and condition and include VAT at the current rate, a non-refundable booking fee is required to be paid upon booking *
Additional Add/Bolt-ons:

  • Chemical Decontamination •
(i.e. Tar Remover and Fallout Remover are an Additional Add/Bolt-on to remove either stubborn tar spots or iron fallout particles or both if present)
Price starting from £50

  • Glass Sealant Treatment •
This is a cleanse, preparation and protection to ensure a correct chemical bond of Glass Sealant applied to all exterior glass.
Mechanical claying process to remove bonded contaminates from the glass surface, machine polished to effectively deep cleanse the glass, panel wiped to ensure a clean tougher surface prior to a durable glass sealant being applied.
Price starting from £50

  • Anti-Fog (Interior Glass Treatment) •
Durable Anti-Fog applied to all interior glass to reduce fog and mist build up throughout the cold winter months, please note this will only reduce fog/mist build up.
Price starting from £30

  • Door Rubber Seal Conditioned •
Rubber seal protector & conditioner applied to all door rubber door seals to prevent door rubbers sticking during the cold winter months
Price starting from £30