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New Car Protection Detail

Do you have a new car on order and on its way? Want to give it the best start and lease of life? Then get in contact with us for our New Car Protection Detail

With new car registration's due to be released a couple of times a year, have you ordered your brand new car? If so don’t fall for any dealership protection they will advice you, this is on average a polymer based protectant with shorter longevity, that they will boast will never need polishing and maintaining again, this in fact is poor sales tactics from dealerships selling you an inexpensive product for hundreds with sort term protection to boat. Our best form of advice would be to wisely spend your money on an more advanced and durable form of protection that we have to offer in the form of our New Car Protection Detail offering a far superior package protecting your investment.

New Car Protection Detail is suitable for new vehicles with minor paint defects present, this consists of a single stage machine polishing process using a nano primer polish reducing minor light to moderate paint defects consisting of swirl marks, scratches, oxidization and other paint defects present, overall enhancing and furthering the vehicles gloss levels.


  • Wheels – wheel faces and barrels cleaned, tyres degreased and thoroughly cleaned and wheel arches cleaned and flushed.
  • Pre Wash - pre-washing stage to safely and effectively remove traffic film and road grime present prior to the contact wash.
  • 2 Bucket Method - 2 bucket method wash with a pH Neutral Shampoo, with Grit Guards & Washboard inserted using ultra soft dense pile Dooka Wash Pads for upper & lower parts of the vehicle to thoroughly ensure a safe contact wash.
  • Decontamination - this process is a 2 part chemical decontamination process (tar remover & fallout remover) followed by a mechanical clay process to ensure all above surface contaminates are effectively removed from paintwork prior to the polishing stage.
  • Paint Readings – Paint readings measured with an DeFelsko Positest DFT Paint Thickness Gauge on all metal panels prior to any machine work to ensure enough total film build.
  • Machine Polishing Stage – Nano Primer Polish applied via machine to all painted surfaces to reduce a certain level of minor paint defects (light to moderate swirls, scratches and water spots) present, to boost and further increase the vehicles gloss levels prior to the ceramic coating application process.
  • Ceramic Coating - SiRamik SC15 or SC Flex is included in the New Car Package and is applied to all painted surfaces and plastics with exceptional hydrophobic water behaviour with excellent self cleaning abilities, durable coating and easy maintenance.

* Additional Bolt/Add-ons* Evolve (Wheel's Off, Ceramic Coating Package) & Hydrology (Durable Glass Sealant Package) can be added to New Car Protection Detail Package at an additional cost.

Price starting from: 

  • (Fiat 500 smaller size vehicle) ÂŁ499
  • (Audi A5 medium size vehicle) ÂŁ575
  • (Range Rover larger size vehicle) ÂŁ649

* Prices shown are a starting FROM price this price can alter depending on vehicle size and condition and include VAT at the current rate, a non-refundable booking fee is required to be paid upon booking *

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