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Adam’s Strip Wash is a concentrated soap blend that removes any wax and sealant protection as you clean your ride, preparing it for a paint correction session with a machine polisher or hand polish, or to start clean with a fresh layer of sealant or wax.

    •    High suds formula safely removes dirt and other contaminants
    •    Safely strips wax and sealants, does not dry out plastic or rubber
    •    Made in The U.S.A.



1. Pour 2-3 oz. of Adam's Strip Wash onto the Adam’s Wash Pad and into the bucket.
2. Spray hose directly into Wash Pad to disperse soap and create suds. Fill bucket 2/3 full with water.
3. Rinse vehicle with hose, wash top to bottom following the Two Bucket Method outlined in our Videos and Handbook, then rinse again.
4. Dry vehicle with an Adam's Great White Microfiber Drying Towel.
Adam’s Foam Gun or Foam Cannon:
1. Fill Adam's Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun canister nearly full with water.
2. Pour 3-4 oz. of Adam's Strip Soap into canister.
3. Screw sprayer lid back onto canister, shake well.
4. Attach canister and sprayer to nozzle or pressure washer.
5. Squeeze handle to spray tons of suds onto your vehicle.
COMMON SENSE WARNING: Use Adam’s Two Bucket Wash Method with Grit Guards to minimize wash-induced damage. Watch our video for an explanation of Two Bucket Washing.

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