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Our 6 Steps of detailing sample box kit is the perfect introduction to the Autobrite range.  12 x 100ml bottles, 2 products from each of the 6 steps are included in a printed presentation box making this kit a perfect gift for the aspiring detailer in your life.

Kit contents:

Step 1 – Wheels
  • Wheel and Tyre Cleaner  Acid free wheel and tyre cleaner, degreasers and cleaners suitable for both wheels and tyres. ( Dilution 10:1)
  • Britegel wheel cleaning gel – Powerful wheel cleaning gel. Long dwell formula for maximum cleaning power, safe on all wheel finishes. (Ready to use)

Step 2 – Wash

  • Citrus Wash Prewash – A gentle yet powerful all – purpose cleaner that will clean almost any surface, rapidly removing dirt and grime.
  • Purple Velvet Shampoo – A rich and luxurious Ph neutral shampoo. Thick suds coat your vehicle grabbing dirt and leaving behind a velvety sheen finish, highly concentrated product with 1500:1 dilution.

Step 3 – Decontamination

  • Purple Rain – Removes contaminants upon contact for a deeper exterior clean. The fast acting gel formula clings to surfaces and rapidly breaks down fallout, iron deposits and brake dust.
  • Just The Tonic – A fast acting solvent based product that quickly dissolves tar upon contact. Removing stubborn tar and glue deposits from the vehicles exterior with ease.

Step 4 – Polish

  • Cherry Glaze – Polish/Glaze/Wax – An All In One (AIO) paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming. It cleans, reduces light swirls and scratches, masks imperfections and protects all in one application.
  • Clear View – An intensive apple scented glass cleaning polish which can remove heavy contaminants from glass and Perspex surfaces. Clear view contains no silicones or waxes and improves and enhances driver visibility.

Step 5 – Protect

  • Carbanuba – Creme wet look wax – A banana scented creme wax to give your car a warm wet look glow. Super easy application and removal.
  • Project 64 – Gloss Enhancer – A highly advanced gloss enhancing spray that enriches colour, leaving a super smooth finish and perfect deep gloss.

Step 6 – Finish

  • Elegance – A versatile all – round car detailing spray, adding extra gloss to exterior paintwork and leaving a luxurious slick finish. Elegance can be used on multiple surfaces both internally externally.
  • Classy – A stylish water based repellent dressing. This product will give your rubber surfaces a new look, satin finish. Classy will also care for your tyres and rubber surfaces to help prevent drying and cracking.

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