Autobrite Direct MP12 Cordless Micro Hybrid Polishing Kit (Restore, Enrich & Finish)

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Full Kit! - Autobrite Direct MP12 Cordless Micro Hybrid Polishing Kit (Restore, Enrich & Finish)

What's included:

The MP-12 cordless micro polisher - is the ideal companion for the detailing enthusiast! Make machine polishing those intricate areas quick and easy with our lightweight, battery-powered polisher!

The MP-12 cordless polisher dual action polisher has three modes of operation depending on the counterweight that is fitted.

  • 3mm Oscillation
  • 12mm Oscillation
  • Rotary polisher mode ( Counterweight set removed)

The MP12 comes complete with –

  • 2 x 2000mah batteries
  • 1 x 60mm extension
  • 1 x Mains charger ( Slot in style)
  • 15 2 inch polishing pads
  • 15 1 inch polishing pads
  • Hard shell case
  • Instruction booklet and backing plate removal tools

The MP-12’s speed control dial has letters referencing machine speeds. These are listed below. A – 2500rpm – 3000rpm B – 3000rpm – 3600rpm C – 3600rpm – 4200rpm D – 4200rpm – 4800rpm E – 4800rpm – 5400rpm F – 5400rpm – 6000rpm

Restore Cutting Compound 250ml - is a premium high abrasive machine polishing paste offering the latest technology in heavy cut abrasives. A very sharp and homogeneous paste with diminishing abrasives produces a high cutting action and leaves a excellent even finish ready for refinement. Ideal for cutting badly weathered clearcoat and heavy paint defects, severe swirl marks, deeper scratches and can effectively remove up to 1500 grit sanding marks .

Enrich 250ml - is an intelligent medium machine polishing compound offering the latest technology in paint correction polishes. The unique formulation provides a fast, complete removal of car wash scratches, swirl marks, weathering, fine scratches and light oxidation, bringing back a deep shine to the surface. Enrich can remove 2500 sanding marks with ease and is an ideal one step cut and finish compound for the majority of paint finishes.

Final Finish 250ml - is a super fine Anti Hologram abrasive finishing polish, offering permanent removal of holograms, polishing haze, fine scratches, marring and up to 3000 grit sanding marks on all paint types (including scratch resistant coating systems). Final Finish is a highly specialised, homogeneous abrasive product and can be used with ease on all paint surfaces, offering a brilliant gloss finish every time!

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