Blackfire SiO2 Wheel Sealant

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Blackfire SiO2 Wheel Seal is a heavy duty wheel sealant that prevents the build-up of harmful brake dust, tree sap, tar, road salt, and road grime.

This sealant acts as a protective barrier to your wheels. It contains Silica which forms a hard and durable shell to keep brake dust and other harmful contaminants off the surface of your wheels.

SiO2 Wheel Seal will even work to fill in some of the pitting, corrosion, and damage that already exists on your wheels, restoring their finish.

This Silica content means it will far surpass other wheel sealants in both longevity and the standard of protection.

The product uses a non-abrasive formula, making it safe for the vast majority of wheel types and finishes.

The putty-like consistency makes this sealant incredibly easy to apply.


Apply to clean, dry wheels out of sunlight. Apply a thin layer with a foam applicator. Buff with a clean, dry microfibre towel. Repeat for each wheel.


-          Provides protection against brake dust & other contaminants

-          Silica content provides superior longevity & protection

-          Safe for majority of wheel types

Size: 8oz tub

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