Collinite No.476S Super Double Coat Car Wax 9oz

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Introducing Collinite No.476S Super Double Coat Wax – the choice of discerning enthusiasts who value substance over gimmicks. This wax means business, plain and simple.

Unyielding and enduring, Collinite 476S stands as a formidable defense against the elements. Rain, snow, salt, dust, and grime pose no challenge, making it the winter warrior you can rely on for that extra layer of protection. But its prowess extends far beyond the cold season – this wax also shields your vehicle from the relentless onslaught of UV rays, making it equally essential during the scorching summer months. Remarkably, Collinite proudly claims that 476S can bestow up to a staggering 12 months of protection.

Yet, the magic of Collinite No.476S doesn't stop at resilience. It imparts a mesmerizing deep gloss on solid paint colors and breathes life into metallic flakes, creating a captivating dance of brilliance.

Application is a breeze: use a foam wax applicator pad, allow it to cure, then effortlessly buff it off with a soft microfiber towel. For optimal results, apply multiple thin layers.

Key Features:

- Achieve a captivating wet-look finish
- Crafted with carnauba-based paste wax
- Free from cleaners, solely focused on protection
- Boasts an astonishing level of durability

For nearly 70 years, Collinite Corporation has remained steadfast in its mission: to offer the finest wax products regardless of cost. Today, Collinite presents a comprehensive lineup of exclusive automotive wax formulations that have earned the devotion and recommendations of its loyal customer base.

Super Double Coat Wax represents the pinnacle of paste-type auto waxes. It's easy to apply, completely detergent-proof, and guaranteed to outlast and outshine competitors in any conditions. No strenuous rubbing or buffing is required, and no special applicator is needed. Collinite Super Doublecoat delivers a radiant luster that lasts a full year, even under adverse circumstances. It's suitable for all finishes, clear coat safe, and versatile enough to enhance fine furniture, wood paneling, fiberglass, and metal surfaces.

- 100% detergent proof
- Protects your paintwork for a full year
- Easy to use – no hard rubbing, buffing, or special applicators required
- Suitable for all finishes, including clear coat
- Ideal for wood, fiberglass, and metal surfaces too!

Size: 256ml / 9oz tin

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