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The DIY Detail 3-year ceramic coating is a unique blend of Silicon Dioxide (Si02), Silicon Nitride (SiN), Polysilazane, and Graphene Oxide. This easy-to-apply 3-year coating will give you years of gloss, hydrophobics, and ease of maintenance.

Discover unmatched shine, protection, and longevity for your vehicle. This advanced coating combines graphene and ceramic technology to deliver superior results.

Hydrophobic Properties and Enhanced Contact Angle: Defy water spots and effortlessly repel dirt with the 3-Year Graphene Coating. Its strong bond and enhanced contact angle ensure exceptional hydrophobic properties.

Fully Cured for Lasting Performance: Enjoy enduring durability in varying temperature and humidity conditions. The 3-Year Graphene Coating fully cures to provide long-lasting protection.

Paint Correction for Optimal Results: Prioritize surface preparation with our clay bar and high-quality microfiber towels for optimal results when applying the coating.

Professional-Grade Quality for DIY Enthusiasts: Achieve professional-level results with ease. The 3-Year Graphene Coating is designed for both professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts.

Up to Three Years of Protection: Experience long-lasting defence against the elements. Our coating provides up to three years of reliable protection.

Bonded to Surfaces for a Semi-Permanent Solution: The 3-Year Graphene Coating forms a strong bond with surfaces, offering a reliable and semi-permanent protective barrier.

Trusted by Professional Detailers: Our coating is a preferred choice for industry experts who demand exceptional performance.

Elevate your car care routine with DIY Detail's 3-Year Graphene Coating.

Graphene Coating vs Ceramic Coating

Graphene coating offers exceptional conductivity, strength, and flexibility, making it ideal for applications requiring high performance. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, provides excellent heat resistance, corrosion protection, and durability. Both coatings have unique properties that make them suitable for different purposes in various industries.

How To Apply

-         Start with a clean and dry surface.

-         Wipe down with DIY Detail panel prep.

-         Wearing gloves, in a well-ventilated area, apply several drops to the applicator pad.

-         Working in a circular motion apply the DIY Detail Ceramic Coating to a small area (a front fender for example).

-         Allow to dwell 2-5 minutes (dwell time is dependent on temperature and humidity).

-         Observe the surface, as the coating begins to cross-link to the paint, the coating will transition from a liquid to what looks like an oil slick on water.

-         When 50% of the surface turns back to clear, start levelling the coating.

-         With a short nap towel, lightly wipe the surface, if the towel is dragging, or is getting wet, wait 1 min more.

-         Once the coating is levelled, use a plush towel to buff and remove high spots.

Size: 30ml (1oz)

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Top product !!!

Keep stocked up; will need more in future !! Thanks very much .mark.

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