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High Definition Detail Bundle Kit, get a great saving on the most popular HDD products with this great Bundle Kit including:

Road Rage (Green Pre-Wash) 1 Litre 

Road Rage is a alkaline based pre wash, non-caustic pre wash aimed at cleaning power while being very effective pre wash Road Rage also remains LSP Safe at correct dilution ratios.

New formula still still keeping the same cleaning power with with economical green solvents hence the name Green Pre-Wash


  • Very Effective Cleaning Power
  • LSP Safe (at Correct Dilution Ratio)
  • Use via Snow Foam Lance or Pump Sprayer
  • Economical
  • Bug & Insect Remover

Grime Zero (Heavy Duty Degreaser) 1 Litre

Grime Zeró is a non-caustic water based alkaline heavy duty degreaser and cleaner with specific cleaning agents and surfactants to help clean and emulsify grime and dirt suitable for pre wash, decontamination shampoo, all purpose cleaner, tyre cleaning, wheel arches, engine bays, door shut, oil stains & much more. Grime Zeró also makes a very effective pre-wash.

Grime Zeró makes a excellent decontamination wash, aswell as a ideal alkaline shampoo for your desired cleaning task. Grime Zero is the perfect cleaner for them cleaning tasks where more cleaning power is required.

Grime Zeró is a highly concentrated formula specifically for when you require that extra cleaning power whiles remaining safe and economical in use.


  • Heavy Duty Degreaser (APC – All Purpose Cleaner)
  • Decontamination (Decon) Shampoo
  • Versatile Formula for Decon Shampoo, Tyre Cleaning, Engine Bay & Wheel Arches
  • Effective Cleaning Power
  • Highly Concentrated Formula

BrakeThrough (Wheel Shampoo) 500ml

BrakeThrough is a dedicated Wheel Shampoo designed to be added to your Wheel Bucket and agitated with your wheel cleaning tools. BrakeThrough is unlike traditional paint shampoo’s, it is developed with a higher strength of cleaning power and a great degreasing properties for deep cleaning of wheels, scrubbing tyres prior to applying tyre dressings and great for degreasing wheel arches.


  • Effective Cleaning Power
  • Safe & Suitable for all Wheel Finishes
  • Perfect Cleaning Agent for Ceramic Coated or Protected Wheels
  • High Foaming
  • Concentrated Formula

Breaking Point (Alkaline Gel Wheel Cleaner) 500ml

Breaking Point is an alkaline gel based Wheel & Tyre Cleaner, formulated with high foaming agents to suspense grime and dirt with a viscous gel formula for a longer dwell and working time.


  • Very Effective Cleaning Power
  • High Foaming & Long Dwell Time
  • Highly Concreated Formula

Exceptional cleaning power and highly concentrated formula to remove stubborn brake dust to general road grime depending on level of soiling.

Quick Slick Detailer (Polymer Detailing Spray) 500ml

Quick Slick Detailer (QSD) is a polymer based quick detailing spray, formulated to boost gloss levels and to leave a ultra slickness to all painted surfaces.

QSD is a extremely easy to use quick detailing spray that can be used on all painted surfaces and glass.


  • Ultra Slickness
  • Quick & Easy Application
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Hydrophobic 

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