High Definition Detail Graphene QD (Quick Detailer)

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Graphene QD (Quick Detailer)

  • Ultra Slickness
  • Increases Gloss Levels
  • Easy Application


Graphene Quick Detailer is formulated on a single atom thick layer of graphene this further allows more durability and slickness over a traditional quick detailing sprays.

Ultra slickness to all painted surfaces and boosting gloss levels with a very easy application, Graphene Quick Detailer will add some very impressive gloss levels, with Grapehene essentially clear at an atomic level this allows true reflection and superior gloss overall.

Directions of Use:

Spray Graphene Quick Detailer on to the panel or microfibre cloth spread for even coverage and simply buff off with a secondary microfibre towel for a ultra slickness and high gloss finish.

Size: 500ml.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dave C
Very impressed

Like the others here I hadn't used this kind of product before. I'm impressed at how easy it is to apply and buff up. The end result is incredible, a real high gloss with a silky feel. Very little product used even though our car is big.

Harry Jones
First graphene based product I’ve tried

First graphene product I’ve tried very happy ticks all boxes for me easy to use as mentioned on bottle

Very easy to buff off and good glossy paint

Very easy to buff off slick under the cloth and nice and glossy qd

Richard marsden
Hdd graphene qd

Well first time using it and I'm blown away,can't believe how easy it is to apply and how slick it goes when wiping it off ,very impressed will see how long it lasts before starting to fail great price and hardly used any product ,does exactly what it says on the bottle 10/10

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