High Definition Detail & Krystal Kleen Detail - Decontamination Package

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Decontamination Package
High Definition Detail - Ferrous Ferric (iRON Fallout Remover Gel) 500ml

Ferrous Ferric is an iRON Fallout Remover Gel with superb clinging ability, quick reaction times & low scent.

A Gel Type Fallout Remover that will safely and effectively release IRON contaminants with ease, developed to cling on surfaces with a longer working time to capture IRON ferrous metals and IRON fallout particles indicating in an active colour change.
Ferrous Ferric is pH neutral and is safe to use on paint, wheels, glass and all other automotive surfaces.

Directions of Use: Spray directly on to the surface you wish and allow a for Ferrous Ferric to work and react.

Krystal Kleen Detail -TarTastic (Tar & Glue Remover Gel) 500ml
Tar-Tastic is a mild solvent based tar remover boosted with  the power of limonene, a solvent produced by numerous plants and with a pleasant odour. Contains plant derived emulsifiers facilitating easier rinsing after use. Advanced sprayable gel character allows the product to be sprayed but ensures that it clings to surfaces. The increased contact time allows the use of a safer formulation without compromising tar removal performance. The greatly decreased product run-off and low volatility result in dramatically reduced product usage, compared to traditional, non-viscous, tar removers.
High Definition Detail - Fine Grade Soft Clay 100grams

Our premium High Definition Detail Clay Bar

Comes in its own handy storage box with instructions, cut a required amount of the clay bar fold till flat and use car shampoo or quick detailing spray for lubrication during use, make sure to follow up before using HDD's clay by with a 2 Stage Chemical Decontamination process (Tar Remover & Iron Fallout Remover).



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