'JAW' Glass Cloth - Guaranteed Streak Free

'JAW' Glass Cloth - Guaranteed Streak Free

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The bane of many detailers and enthustasts is glass cleaning.  Getting perfect streak free results is often challenging and time consuming........Well not any more.  Simply spray your glass with a spritz of water and lets this glass cloth do the work, the fabric is specifially designed to be agressive enough to remove grime and finger prints but soft enough to be completely safe on your glass......and the best part is, your glass will be completely streak free.  Even an ammatuer can get perfect results.  Did I mention you only need water............JAW.....JUST....ADD....WATER

Each Towel measures 30cm x 60cm.

Each towel is green in colour and individually packed

Technical Details: Size: 30 x 60cm
Fabric Weight: 300 grams per square meter (GSM)
Towel Weight: 48 grams (approx.)
Fabric Blend: n/a
Edge Type: Sewn Border

Country of Origin: Korea