Krystal Kleen Detail HYDROGLAS Window Sealant Kit

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The KKD HYDROGLAS Sealant Kit is the com[plete solution to preparing, sealing and maintaining the glass surfaces of your car, motorbike or boat. In fact any glass or plexiglas surface. Providing increased driving vision above 40mph through faster water clearance and beading. 

Step 1 HYDROGLAS POLISHING COMPOUND is a specialised Cerium Oxide based product. It can be used by hand or machine.  By hand it is designed to primarily remove any previous window coatings and leave the glass surfaces completely free of any contaminants so allowing the HYDROGLAS Coating to bond fully to the desired surface. It can also be used to remover water spotting stains. 

When used by machine with a KKD Glass Pad it can remove fine to medium wiper scratches without distortion. Can also be used on Plexiglas windows. 60ml

Step 2 HYDROGLAS CLEANSER is an alcohol based cleanser that removes any remaining oils from the glass surface immediately prior to the application of Hydroglas Window Sealant. 30ml

Step 3 HYDROGLAS Sealant is a extremely durable coating based on fluoro-silane technology. This provides it with excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic properties making it perfect for not only all year round use but especially the hard winter months. Durability with the correct preparation can be 12 months and beyond when used as part of the HYDROGLAS System .  60ml

Step 4 HYDROGLAS MAINTAINER is a cross linking topcoat that will maintain the high level of hydrophobics and also help combat environmental contamination over extended periods of time. It can be used during the external glass cleaning process or simply misted onto the glass surface during rain and spread with the wiper function. 60ml

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