Krystal Kleen Detail PRO-TRADE Bio Kleen Enzyme Cleaner

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BIO-KLEEN is designed to tackle those hard to treat biological spillages that can be otherwise hard to tackle. BIO-KLEEN works by actively attacking the bacteria that causes unpleasant odours with a blend of active enzymes and de-odourising agents.

Simply clean the area to be treated of excess soiling. Spray affected area liberally and allow to soak for a short while to allow active ingredients to work on the problem. Agitate if necessary. Area should then be cleaned either manually or by spray extraction. On heavy soiling a second application may be required.

Can be used on a wide range of soiling from vomit, urine and other biological contaminants.

Can also be used diluted and used as an active deodouriser.

1 Litre.

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