Krystal Kleen Detail REVOLVE MATTE Wheel Coating

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R-EVOLVE MATTE Wheel Coating

R-EVOLVE MATTE is a specialized coating based on a ceramic polymer technology. Based on the same technology of our best selling R-EVOLVE our Matte version leaves the surface finish visually unchanged except for providing the maximum protection that R-Evolve is known to offer.

- it is extremely hard providing excellent scratch resistance
- it has a low co-efficient of drag, meaning that abrasive particles are inclined to slide over the film, rather than catch and mark and cause marring
- Strong  hydrophobic behavior which inhibits the bonding of contamination and soiling
- Exceptional resistance to heat. In practice, heat will only act to strengthen the cross-linked network
- Extreme chemical resistance, more so than the underlying surface.


Instructions for use:

 Release cap slowly.

Apply in light even strokes with suitable lint free applicator . Apply in small sections at a time such as a quarter wheel or less for more complicated designs. Buff immediately to achieve a streak free finish. The product will be fully weatherproof within 6 hours of application and continue to cure for a period of up to 30 days dependant on weather conditions. Any errors in application should be corrected within 2 minutes to avoid the natural repellency inhibiting the application of further product. Expected coverage is approximately 5ml per wheel but will vary depending on design etc.

Size: 30ml

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