Lake Country Rayon Glass Cutting Disc

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Lake Country Rayon Glass Cutting Disc

Polish away glass scratches and residue with Lake Country’s levelling discs.

Lake Country’s Glass Cutting Pads allow you to remove scratches, water spots, and stubborn residues from your windscreen and windows!

These professional grade pads work with your dual action or circular (rotary) polisher to eliminate glass imperfections safely and completely. These glass levelling discs polish glass in the same way that wool pads polish automotive paint. However, glass is very hard. The Glass Cutting Pads provide a flat, textured surface to effectively level scratches and imperfections without distortion.

Each pad has Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners to secure the pad to a 3" inch or 5" inch backing plate. 

Glass Cutting Pads can be used with your dual action or circular polisher. Work in a small area using a back and forth motion. Keep the glass wet while you work by misting it with water.

For glass correction, use a designated glass polish, such as CarPro CeriGlass. Paint polishes can have fillers or oils that will make the glass tough to clean. CarPro CeriGlass is water-based and wipes away clean. Each Glass Cutting Pad is designed for repeated use.

Clean the pads with Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Store the pads in a sealed plastic bag to keep them clean when not in use. Depend on Lake Country’s Glass Cutting Pads to restore your vehicle’s glass quickly and safely.

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