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P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is an effective cleaner for all interior surfaces.

Although P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is a versatile and effectual product, it will not damage your interior in the slightest.

The application of P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner couldn’t be easier, just spray it on, scrub it in, wipe it off.

In addition to being an exceptionally powerful cleaner, P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is extremely safe for any surface of your interior. It can be used on plastic, vinyl, fabric, carpet, and even leather. No matter which surface you apply P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner to, you can rest assured that there will be no discolouration or damage.


Although P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner is a very safe product, it is always a good idea to test it on an inconspicuous spot of your interior to ensure you get your desired results. P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner can be used straight out of the bottle or diluted 1 to 1 with water, whichever you prefer. Spray P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner onto the surface you are cleaning until you see a foam being produced. Scrub the surface with either a towel, soft brush, scuff pad, magic eraser, or a different preferred tool. After you have scrubbed the surface, wipe the area clean with a water dampened towel.


-          Powerful yet safe cleaner

-          Effective on all interior surfaces

-          Use on plastic, vinyl, fabric, carpet & leather

Size: 473ml (16oz) & 3.78 Litres (1 US Gallon)

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P&Sexpress interior cleaner is the best I've used its brilliant on leather seats and on all plastics gets the car really clean quickly and it's duluteble I will decently be using this for all my details

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