Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool

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A multi-function tool designed to promote efficiency.

The BigFoot Claw Pad Tool features a brush for clearing compound residues from pads to maintain consistent polishing performance and on the other end a “claw” used to separate the pads from the backing plate.

BigFoot Claw Pad Tool is a simple tool that can have a serious impact on your efficiency.

Rupes Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool is a must-have pad cleaning and removal tool for any detailing pro or enthusiast. An innovative design, it features two separate functional ends: The brush head and the wedge. The brush head can be used to clean foam, microfiber or short pile wool pads while still on the machine. Its semi-rigid nylon bristles are designed to dislodge dried compound residues from the pads without causing damage. This ensures that operators can maintain optimal efficiency in their buffing process. The other end, features an innovative wedge, used to create separation between the hook and loop attachment point for pad removal, thus eliminating the occurrence of accidental tears and damage to pads - when pulling them from the backing plate.

This ergonomic and compact tool fits nicely into a pocket or belt for quick access during the job, reducing lost productivity and prolonging pad life. Uses for the pad tool include: pad remover, pad cleaner brush, pad primer/spreader.

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