Scholl Concepts S20 Black Starter Kit (S20 Compound & Navy Blue Spider Pad)

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The S20 Black Starter Kit contains a 100ml sample bottle of Scholl Concepts S20 Black Real 1-Step Compound, a Navy Blue SpiderPad 145mm recommended for hard/scratch-resistant paint types and a S20 Black flyer.

S20 Black is a visionary compound for detailing weathered and scratched surfaces of all paint types, to leave a high gloss, hologram-free finish.

Advantages include:

  • One compound for virtually all paint finish applications on worn and scratched paint surfaces
  • Tremendous cutting performance with exceptionally low dust formation
  • Superior high-gloss finish
  • Hologram-free finish on all paint surfaces, even without using a dual-action orbital polisher
  • Compound contains no silicone oils, wax or toxic solvents

Scholl Concepts Navy Blue SpiderPad is a high quality, durable, open-cell foam exclusive to Scholl Concepts. It has a 3D calibrated foam surface that enhances the cutting performance and yield of your chosen compound. It combines the advantages of foam and wool pads. 

Scholl Concepts' new SpiderPads are high quality reticulated foam, provide high durability, tear resistance and low heat generation and have optimized special bonding and a centre hole for perfect air circulation. Suitable for use with dual action (DA) and rotary polishing machines. Depending on the specific clear-coat system, select from four S20 Black polishing pads the best suited for the appropriate surface and get an excellent finish in just one single step.

Pad cut: Heavy (4-5/6)
Pad size: 145mm (Medium)
Compound Cut: Heavy  (4/6)  
Compound Gloss: Extreme (6/6)

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