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SiRamik Bundle Kit, grab a excellent saving on this great kit from SiRamik including 

SC Wash 500ml

Maintain Wash is part of the Siramik System and is perfect for the maintenance wash procedures of the Surface Coat. It can also be used as a contamination shampoo to remove tree sap, carbon deposits and as an aid to remove old lsp, it comes in its neat form and can be used in many many ways. A thick gel type product is easily wiped on the paint surface to remove old wax or sealant, door shuts covered in white grease are really no match for this nor are engine bays that need a good dewax. This really is the product for all the dirty jobs but is also a must for pre prep and almost certainly the only product to keep SC15 and other coatings in perfect, self cleaning condition

SC Drying Aid 250ml

Highly Concentrated formula, with 10ml to 1Litre of water creates the quick valet finish but with a freshly sealed look, this temporary surface coating which also readies the surface for machine polishing with no clogging of pads, the ideal finishing product or quick drying aid for professionals and amateurs alike.

SC TT (Tyre & Trim) 250ml

*Please note - the latest version of SC TT is a clear viscous formula *

SC TT is a long term Tyre & Trim dressing, it features almost zero fling when applied correctly.

It is ideal for use on all types of tyres, trims and even engine compartment..

SC Vision+ 250ml

SC Vision+ is stage 2 of our glass sealant system containing silicon compounds to increase durability of stage 1, Vision+ can also be used as a stand alone where durability will see upto 4 months.

SC ICL (Interior Coat Leather) 250ml

SC ICL: Interior Coat Leather is a breakthrough where application is a simple apply and leave product that you either spray or wipe on and walk away leaving 24hrs to allow the advanced leather protection to take place. Please ensure even application to avoid staining.

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