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SiRamik SC Flex is an exceptional coating, distinguished by its unique composition. While it contains a substantial 45% silicon, which would typically lead to crystallization like many other ceramic and glass coatings on the market, it sets itself apart with the incorporation of special resins. These resins counteract immediate crystallization, resulting in a ceramic coating that maintains its flexibility. This flexibility has been rigorously tested against stone chips and road rash, yielding commendable results. However, it's important to note that SC Flex is not intended to replace a Paint Protection Film (PPF).

What sets SC Flex apart is its ability to avoid the typical crystallization process seen in other ceramic coatings. Instead, it sets as a semi-elastic substance, achieving a firm yet pliable texture akin to rubber.

SC Flex also boasts remarkable versatility, performing exceptionally well on various trims.

The kit includes:

- SC FLEX (Semi-Elastic Coating) 50ml
- Applicator Pad
- Three Suede Cloths
- Microfiber Cloth

For the maintenance of SC Flex, we recommend using SiRamik SC Praefulgeo as the designated maintenance agent.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Skinner
Great Product!

This has been on my customers cars for over a year and still going strong.

Easy to apply & will be using this on future customer cars.

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