SiRamik Lustrous Graphene Ceramic Coating

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SiRamik Lustrous Graphene Ceramic Coating is a breakthrough in graphene coatings, giving you a bonded sheet of graphene to leave the surface tough, durable and easy to maintain, boasting extreme pH chemical resistance from 2ph to 13ph, a contract angle of upto 122 degrees and a slide angle as low as 10 degrees means any sort of movement will essentially have the car dry itself, it's easy clean, easy maintenance also shouldn't be over looked, with SC Wash being recommended for this purpose.

Lustrous has a very conservative durability estimate of between 3 and 5 years, we have put this because of the current way graphene in general is being perceived, however as with all our coatings, expect the unexpected.

30ml bottle.

30ml Coating Pack Kit Includes:

  • SiRamik Graphene Ceramic Coating 30ml
  • Ceramic Applicator Pad
  • Suede Cloths x 4

*This is a professional only application product.

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