SiRamik Lustrous Plus Graphene Spray Sealant

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SiRamik - Lustrous Plus Graphene Spray Sealant

Lustrous Plus is our easy to use graphene spray with again, bonded sheet technology, creating stunning water behaviour, water spot reduction and incredible visual appearance Plus will give a durability of between 8 and 12 months, however it is really that simple to use you'll find yourself topping up every month, which isn't a bad thing, especially as the gloss and reflections it achieves really are second to none.

*Initially product colour will vary between light grey to clear, bottle style will also vary*


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Looks great will see if it lasts as the reviews claim!

Nice and easy to put on just with a microfibre wipe on and off

Steve Palmer
Great paint protection n

Easy to use, spray it on an applicator and not the car. Lasting, I’ve found round about ten to twelve months. High water repellent, keeps its shine. Better than ceramic.

Julian Brown
Beast of a sealant

I used this on the wife's abused CR-V in early September 2022 and today I decided it had worn out. So a genuine six months of protection. I applied another coat today and it looks great. (Remember to clean out the sprayer, mine was blocked solid and had to be replaced).
A great. Product for long lasting protection, the only very slight downside, is it most be used sparingly and not as easy to use as products such as NV Nova Lustre, but the longevity simply out ways that slight negative on cars that do not receive the love they deserve.

Dinis Brito

I still don’t have my item yet

Adam B
Sealant on steroids... Wow

What an incredible product this is. Loved SC Mist but this is a significant step up in terms of hydrophobics and durability whilst being no more difficult to use. A genuinely class leading product.

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