SiRamik SC Prime (Nano Primer, Superior Finishing Polish)

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Nano Primer is the perfect solution for your final finish stages of machine work, removing defects from light to medium form but most of all preparing the paintwork for Surface Coat with no further need for a wipedown with panel wipe or IPA. This is effective in small doses where only a very few drops are needed per 50cm sq area, once worked simply buff with a suitable microfibre and the surface is primed but also looking stunning with more depth being added. Primer can also be used with a long wool pad for mild correction leaving no holograms but the same depth of gloss and clarity.

100ml size.

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The best Primer Polish I've used and I've used numerous one's out there.
What makes Siramik SC Prime stand out is it's correction abilities, it will correct depending on what type of pad you use it's an all rounder! Besides finishing swirl free even on the most difficult colours and paints . The finishing abilities of this Primer Polish are second to none! It will replace a finishing polish! You can use a coating straight over it without interfering with the coatings abilities. No more IPA wipe downs !

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