Soft99 Giraedge Tyre Shine

Soft99 Giraedge Tyre Shine

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This tire glosser creates smooth and thick glossy layer. This flex applicator can adjust for tire shape, it is applicable for gap between tire and wheel. Odor reduction solvent free type can apply 4-6 vehicles. The super creative design leaves you no mess and sling free application. Simply remove cap and apply on the tyres!

Your all in one solution! * Shake the bottle well with cap in advance. 1. Wash off sand or dust in advance and wipe off water components. * If tire gets wet, it might cause unevenness and drying time is much longer. 2. Remove cap and attach the sponge side to the tire sidewall. Spread evenly letting the fluid out. 3. Dry for approximately 5-10 minutes. No need to wipe off.

* Remove oily dirt or old tire wax with car shampoo to prevent unevenness. * Close the cap after use.