Soft99 Kiwami Extreme Gloss Dark Hybrid Wax

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The Extreme gloss wax is the newest Soft99 wax combining the latest state of art technology. This product combines high glossy polymer and carnauba which strikes a good balance between decent durability as well as gloss.

The Dark version will creates deep and dark shiny finish.

What comes in the box?
- Retail packaging 200g
- Wax applicator


1. Remove any dirt on the car bodywork with car shampoo

2. Apply small amount of Fusso with the sponge included and spread it as even as possible in circular motion

3. Allow it to dry for at least 10-15minutes (weather conditions apply)

4. Use a car detailing grade microfibre (cloth) to wipe of residue, flip towel if necessary in between process.


*We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.) especially in the summer

*Drying time may be longer in winter

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